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Whenever we are near family we fell safe, as if nothing in the world could ever harm us. This sadly is not the case in real life, it is just a diversion from what could happen even if we are with our families. For instance if the world were to end right now then there would be nothing our families or ourselves could do to stop it from ending. In cases of survival such as the one the Lost Boys of Sudan are in, family gives them strength and hope that they will make it through the hardship. But as most families do, they have little micro-fights which keep them from progressing as a group and sets them back from becoming a great family which all families can be.


In the book They Poured Fire on us From The Sky one of the lost boys, Benson, becomes weaker both physically and mentally as the travel to Ethiopia progresses. One key aspect that changed Benson was the things he was put through and the images he had to face. Each event that he was put threw was like a screwdriver which is slowly loosening the screws to his mind so there is nothing left in his mind except for pain and suffering which will be all that remains. If this pattern of mind-shaking and tormenting events continues then there will be nothing left to Benson, and if such events do continue then catastrophic consequences could ensue him.

The Worst Will Ensue



Stop Number One: In comparison to the other events that have unraveled in young Benson’s’ life in the past few years, the worst event would have to be the circumcision with a dull knife. Thought this event wasn’t a segment of his journey to Ethiopia, however, it is  a prelude of the events to come which are far worse than young Benson could have ever imagined.

Stop Number Two: Coming in a close second would be the betrayal of a covenant which was made many years ago between Benson’s Great-Grand Father and a wounded Lion. This event didn’t afflict any physical harm to Benson it left him emotionally betrayed. This event showed him that even a pact set forth many years ago could be broken, if people and animals couldn’t get along whose to say that people and other people would?

Stop Number Three: The rape scene which was told to Benson from his sister would come in third place because even though the event depicted did happen to him it still left emotional scars. This event took whatever dignity and innocence Benson had left and replaced it with pity and moral anguish.

Stop Number Four: The last stop on the train of severity is when the soldiers sing song about joining the rebel army. This song basically tells the boys who are thinking about joining the rebel army to leave home, leave their family and all their possessions behind, and above all lose hope of over returning home.

Lost Boys Walk'n

Red Underwear

red underwear

Red Underwear: The red underwear could represent many things such as: Wealth, Health, Attention, and Time. The first thing, wealth, is being represented because they didn’t have very many nice things. But as the trip progressed they became torn and filthy with lice and gnats. So they came to represent a poor person rather than a wealthy persons’ clothing. The second thing the red underwear represent is health. Because as the underwear became wore out and torn so did one of the lost boys of  Sudan,  Benson. As well as the many other lost boys were, becoming more and more torn apart and worn out. (some underwear are elastic, however it will come to a certain point at which the underwear will snap. Just like the lost boys of Sudan are at the point of.) The red underwear also represent attention or status amongst the other lost boys. Since most of the boys, if not all of them, could not afford to buy extravagant colors like the color red it distinguished Benson from the rest. Which eventually died down as they become torn and covered with lice and gnats. The final thing that the red underwear represent is time. Because nothing is really made to last a lifetime/forever, especially underwear. As such, its the memories that are made from the item that transcends down lifetimes, generations, and eventually forever.

If it wasn’t for kuany i don’t think that Benson would have made it as far as he did. At first he was untrusted by Benson but as they traveled he came to respect Kuany and trust him more. Kuany is what seems to keep the lost  boys going, he sacrificed so much and didn’t ask for anything in return. Like: asking the commander of the rebels to help Benson when nobody else would. As well as securing a ride for the boys on the water tanker. Those acts of selflessness tells me that Kuany is attached to these boys beyond the blood relation to them.

ride of fate

When it comes to wild animals lions are one that you should never mess with. However, the Dinka people in  Southern Sudan have a covenant with them. The pact between the two started many years ago. When the great-grandfather of Benson Deng saved the life of a sick lion from a pack of hyenas, which was an unfair fight. Then he fed the lion a goat to make the lion big and strong again. Then the lion returned the favor when there was a horrible drought, it brought Benson’s’ great-grandfather an antelope. That one single event inspired a partnership that has transcended throughout the years. However, one lion dared to break that sacred trust when it began to kill all of Benson’s fathers’ goats.Before any action was taken to deal with the situation, the elders of the tribe warned him to not harm the lion because it would violate the pact that was made many years ago. His father did not heed the warning of the elders and confronted the lion in a heated battle, which left him wounded with scars all over his chest.

Breaking the Creed

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